The Labyrinth

LABYRINTH A LABYRINGTH is an ancient symbol that has been “rediscovered” as a spiritual tool for modern humans. LABYRINTHS are popping up all over the place and have become a relevant part of spiritual, psychological, and physical healing. Dr. Lauren Artress, in her work, WALKING A SACRED PATH, will share with you the beginning of the LABYRINTH awakening across the globe. As your TWENTY-MINUTE COACH, I want you to go to and find the nearest LABYRINTH to you and make a date to journey to that LABYRINTH to walk it. Expect nothing but be open to receiving. There is no right or wrong way to walk a LABYRINTH. There is one path in to the center and one path out. There are two main types of LABYRINTHS, an eleven circuit and a seven circuit. Each of them has a center. I suggest that you walk in taking to the center what is bothering you and release and leave it in the center. Walk out with gratitude that you have found a sacred space to hold your concern. Just notice what it feels like to feel as if you are almost at the center only for the next circuit to take you out to the outer edge. It is just like life; you think you have almost arrived at your “answer” only to have something else come up. The LABYRINTH teaches you to stay on your path, regardless of where you think you are. I believe this to be one of the most valuable spiritual tools, and I wish you joy as you discover it for yourself.