DECEMBER 27, 2014

Going to be trying a free trial of for a few days.  It is count down to January 1st, 2015.  Have you thought about your New Year’s Goals yet?  I will be running the daily blog of your life A-Z again with the hope of alluring you into taking your life seriously and getting on with a healthy lifestyle that is more meaningful and less stressful.  The first key to being less stressful is to build a better sense of self-acceptance.  Stop worrying so much about what could have been different and accept what is.  Make the most of it and going with this year’s motto, Make It Count.  Do one thing today that will make a difference in your life and as a result in the life of someone else.  The easiest place to start is to put a smile on your face.  Everyone one of my readers can do that.  Smile at strangers and look them in the eye.  Tell them, “Have a good day.”  Mean it when you say it.  It is the small things that will begin to make your life different.  Small and consistent moves lead to a happier daily life.  Start your change now.  There is no magic in January 1st and the hype around it is almost a set up for failure.  If you need help reaching your goals but don’t thing you need psychotherapy, then check out the packages at and give yourself the boost you need.  Warmly Robin B. Dilley, PhD

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